Netvoice Anywhere is proud to be able to provide internet access to the residents of Mississippi.


Unlimited Dial-Up is only $19.95


Why Choose Net Voice Anywhere? Formerly Known As Water

Since there are so many choices for internet services these days I thought it was time to tell current and potential customers why I think you should choose Netvoice Please email me if you think I missed something or if you have questions about anything.

Who runs the show?

Jerry Jordan, the owner of Net Voice Anywhere {Formerly Known As Water Valley Interchange}

I bought in May of 1995.


We are in the process of moving locations at this time from 1720 University Avenue to 501 Heritage Drive Oxford, MS 38655

Please come by and see our new office and what is going on with this growing company- there is always something new and exciting here at NetVoice check our web site often for updates!

Who answers the phones and helps you when you need help?

Our People!!!

Our support team and tech's - we are here to help you!

Rather you have a technical issue, a webhosting question, a billing guestion or need a email problem fixed we are here to serve you locally owned and operated so we are always close at hand for all your internet needs.

Why do some other internet service providers charge less?

The phone company charges less for dialup internet access than we do because in order to get that low rate, you have to agree to have extra services turned on on your telephone line. In many cases, if you add up the cost of those telephone services and the cost of the low price internet service, it comes to more than we charge.

There are also companies that sell "1/2 price internet service". On the surface they seem like a good deal, but in many cases the 24/7 free customer service does not include telephone support. You can use their web based and email based customer service for free at any time, but if you call them on the telephone you can charged as much as $40 for that phone call.

We would lower our rate if we could, but the truth is that in order to operate enough lines so our customers do not get busy signals and pay our technical support staff we need to charge the rates that we charge.

One low price company has been advertising that the cost of providing internet access has gone down so the price of getting a dialup internet account should also go down. It is true that the cost per line of providing dialup internet access has gone down, however, it is also a fact that the average internet customer now spends far more time online than they used to. In order to avoid busy signals we need to have more lines to service our customers.

What do we do if we can't help you over the phone?

While phone support is our primary means of technical support, it is not the only way we can help.

If our telephone technical support cannot help resolve the problem and they think it may be an issue with your computer, you can bring your computer in to us and we can check it out. We have a new office and our tech support guys are on site and ready to help you resolve any problems we can.

Our new office is located at 501 Heritage Drive Oxford, MS 38655

Take Jackson Ave. to Heritage Drive Corner at Apple Bee's We are located past Vista Media and next to Pizza Den.

If the problem is just a settings problem, we will work on your computer for free. If the problem is more serious (such as a window reinstall, replacing a dead modem, or resolving worm and virus problems) we will let you know what we think the problem is and how much it should cost before we do the work.

We also offer onsite support if you need us to come to your location and get your internet service to work. While onsite support is not free, we do try to keep the rates as low as we can. We are here to better serve you.


Where does your money go?

We are based in Oxford, Mississippi. Nearly all of our employees live in Oxford or other nearby towns. We also try to buy the supplies and services we need from other local companies. We buy our office supplies from a printing company down the street and we buy our telephone lines and internet access from a Mississippi based telephone company.

If you pay us for internet access, your money helps the local economy.

Where does your money go if you pay the telephone company or the cable company? We here at NetVoice believe in helping our community and putting back to better help us all grow with our community.